Powerful Toolbox For Your
Multi-Channel Business

One central platform to overlook and manage all of your online
stores across populare-commerce platforms in S.E.A - including
Lazada, Shopee, Sendo, Haravan.

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Simplify Multi-Channel Operations

Manage multiple shops, products, and end-to-end order processing from different e-commerce platforms in one unified and simplified interface

  • Multiple marketplace shop management

    Visually track, analyze and display all of your products from different platforms in one centralized dashboard

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    Marketplace Shop Management, Centralized Dashboard, Multi Shops per Marketplace

  • Product Listing Management

    Manage all of your product listings across all shops on all platforms with useful stock and pricing decision support analytics

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    Product Listing Management, Power SKU

  • Order Fulfillment Management

    Manage and fulfill all orders from all platforms on one central page with up to the minute information on orders and inventory

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    Picklist for Packaging, Shipping Label Printing, Centralized Order Processing

  • Return and Payment Reconciliation

    Never worry about loss due to products not return. Confirm the money you are receiving matches the sales for your products so you are not losing money

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    Order Reconciliation, Payment Reconciliation

Maximize Sales Growth Potential

Identify areas of improvements and growth opportunities with real-time business analytics and intelligence about competition

  • AI-Driven Power Assistant

    Receive insightful recommendations on each product to maximize your growth potential and revenue

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  • Shop Performance Analytics

    Visualize performance trends with daily performance patterns and charts on your shops

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    Advanced Trend Analytics

  • Product Analytics and Recommendation

    Get key details and performance data about each product allowing you to make the best decisions

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    Dashboard of Best Selling Products, Advanced Product Analytics

  • Inventory Forecasting and Planning

    Receive key information to predict future stock levels by analyzing past sales for each of your products

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Save Time with Smart Automations

Monitors your competitors, automatically adjusts to the most competitive prices to maximize profit, beautify your product images, and make sure your products attract the most search traffic

  • Stock Synchronization

    Automatically adjust all stock on all platforms so you never have the wrong quantity

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  • Competitor Monitoring

    Stay a step ahead of your competitors by knowing and receiving competitor information including pricing

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  • Auto Product Repricing

    This feature will automatically change prices based on competition so you will always have the best price

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  • Mass Product Content Decoration

    Beautify your on-line products with different backgrounds, logos and stickers to have your product stand out

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    Power Paint

The Power of PowerSell's Technology

Robust Platform Integration

Marketplace platform APIs are evolving everyday so our system is updated every two weeks to maximize benefits of latest API developments from platforms

AI-Driven Analytics

Our state-of-the-art analytics engine also constantly learns, adapts, and evolves to help you make better data-driven decisions for your business growth

Data Security & Privacy

Your data security and privacy is of the most important to us! We are aware of the responsibility and take considerable efforts to meet the highest requirements


Choose PowerSell - an efficient, intelligent and cost effective e-commerce business management solution.