Terms of user account

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to use PowerSell’s Services
  • You must provide your full name, current address, email and other necessary information in order to fully be eligible for our customer support policy.
  • PowerSell will primarily use email as the method of communication between 2 parties.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. PowerSell will not be held responsible for any damage that is caused by your mishandling of your password.
  • You are responsible for data, images, reports and links that you uploaded to your PowerSell account ( Your online store for short). You are not permitted to send or upload any viruses or code that affect others.
  • Any violation of the terms of use is subject to immediate service termination, including all PowerSell services you are using.

Account activation

  •  According to section 2.2, the end user will be considered as the account owner and is fully subjected to the entire terms of service use.
  • If the user who signs up for PowerSell’s service is an employee of an organization, the employee is the account owner.

General terms

  • You need to read and agree to all the terms of service below before becoming a PowerSell user.
  • Technical support is only guaranteed to be fully provided via email or live chat during business hours.
  • You must not use PowerSell’s service for any illegal activities. Both Vietnam’s laws and the laws of the country where you run business apply.
  • You are not allowed to copy, sell, or use these Terms for personal purposes without the written permission of PowerSell.
  • You are not allowed to use any marketing tools related to Search Engine or online advertising platforms (such as Google Ads) which contain copyrighted images or logos belonging to PowerSell.
  • Any questions about the Terms of Service can be sent to support@powersell.id
  • You are expected to know that the content information of your website (not including credit card information) will not be encrypted as securely as credit card information.

PowerSell’s interests

  • We reserve the right to modify or terminate our Service for any reasons, without prior notice.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to provide services to any individual for any reasons.
  • We may remove content or any accounts that contain information which is illegal, offensive, libelous, threatening, obscene, or is an intentional infringement of intellectual property.
  • Remove any accounts which have intentional infringement or offence whether by speech or writing to customers of PowerSell, employees of PowerSell, PowerSell.
  • PowerSell does not preview or approve any content on users’ websites. Users are responsible for their own content.
  • We reserve the right to provide services to your competitors or not commit to an exclusive for any partners for each segment.
  • In case of account ownership dispute, we reserve the right to request documents to verify account ownership. Documents may include, but are not limited to, copies of your business license, identity card, etc.
  • We reserve the right to determine the legal ownership of the account and may transfer this right to a valid owner. If we are unable to determine the exact ownership, PowerSell will freeze this account until a resolution has been reached by the conflicting parties .

Limitation of responsibility

  • You understand clearly and agree that PowerSell will not be liable for any damages, whether they are direct, indirect or incidental, especially damage related to profits, credibility, right of use, data or other invisible damages when using the service.
  • In any case, neither PowerSell nor its affiliated service will not be liable for any damage related to revenue or any other damages due to consequences from the connection to our website, our service or this deal. You also understand that individuals directly related to us, such as PowerSell’s company, PowerSell’s partners, PowerSell employees … are not responsible for any damages. If you use any third-party services, you are subject to their terms.
  • Our services and products we provide at the basic level are not subject to any legal warranty terms.
  • PowerSell does not guarantee that the Service we provide will be uninterrupted, insecure or error-free.
  • PowerSell does not guarantee that the results collected from the use of our services are completely accurate and reliable.
  • PowerSell does not guarantee the quality of any products, services, information or any products that you purchase or acquire through our services will fulfill all your expectations. If there are any errors, we will make appropriate adjustments.

Termination and Invalidation of Terms

If PowerSell violates or does not properly follow any terms stated in this Terms of Use, it does not mean that it is rendered invalid. This Terms of Use serves as a comprehensive agreement between you and PowerSell and directs your usage of our Services (not limited to any version of this Terms of Service).

Intellectual property and Customer Content

  • We do not require intellectual property rights of the material you provide to the PowerSell Services. All documents you upload on your website (via the PowerSell Service) belong to you. You can delete your store at any time by deleting your own account. This also means that all contents you store through our Service will be deleted.
  • By uploading your content on your store, you agree to: (a) allow other internet users to view the content of your website (b) allow PowerSell to display and store such content, and (c) allow PowerSell to see the data you have uploaded.
  • You retain the ownership of all contents you upload onto your website; however, by uploading such content you agree to allow internet users to view those contents. You are responsible for all contents you submit to be accordance with the applicable Laws.
  • We will not disclose any of your information to a third party, unless required, such as in the case of rights of service usage disputes. Confidential information includes any documents or materials you provide to us without public publishing. Confidential information does not include information (a) that was publicized by the time we received it; (b) that comes from public domains publicized after we receive them that isn’t a result of our errors; (c)  information belonging to you that we receive from more than one person or (d) that we are required by law to disclose.


  • You can pay for PowerSell’s service costs by credit card, PayPal, debit card, cash, or bank transfer through the payment gateways set up on PowerSell.
  • The system will send a notice of payment period to your email 3 days (or more) before the payment period. After paying, the system will send an online receipt to your email (which you provided at registration). 
  • If payment is not on time, you will have 15 days of use. After 15 days, your website will be closed. After 6 months, your website will be discarded
  • If you are not in Vietnam, you are subject to the laws and taxes of your area or country.
  • Currently, PowerSell does not support refunds.

Modify services and prices

  • Changes to the cost of using PowerSell, if any, will be notified 30 days in advance.
  • PowerSell fully reserves the right to change or cancel the service.
  • PowerSell is not responsible for you or any third parties when we change prices or discontinue our own services.

Optional service

  • PowerSell can provide you with the right to use other third party services that PowerSell is affiliated with.
  • You understand and agree that while PowerSell provides the right to third party services, this comes without any guarantees, warranties or representation of such partners. PowerSell is not responsible for third parties.
  • You are solely responsible for any of your actions related to a third party’s services.
  • We recommend that you seek out and take in advice from previous users for clarity purposes when using the services of third parties.